miss him already...

Ya know... I used to be bummed that my brothers we so much younger than me. I was all by myself until I was almost 7 and then I had baby brothers. Not even a sister... I mean come on! And then I went and had kids when they were still kids. So much for my 'image' of the family that has brothers and sisters all with kids close in age. But man... God does know what he's doing... In case anyone wondered... he really does! My boys are BEYOND blessed to have their young, fun uncles. They aren't Dad's, they aren't adults and that's what makes it special. They cherish their relationships with their Uncles... and I hope it always stays that way.

We loved having you home Nick and can't wait until Spring. Just stop getting big would ya... you're making the rest of us look small. And I'm not short dagumit... I'm 5'7"!

And Mitch I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of you... you were just too speedy. Okay... I'll stop giving you a hard time. I love you too!
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  1. Although it went by way too fast, it was GREAT to be home! I loved spending time with the boys and all of you guys. I can't wait til the spring, only a short 2 months away...

    p.s. tell the boys I'm gonna start lifting more so I can keep up with all of them next time ;)

  2. Growing up with 2 brothers was maybe your preparation for having 4 boys. What am I talking about? Nothing can prepare you for 4 boys. ;)
    I love your new template and header!

  3. My husband has a younger brother who is still in high school. He was born when my husband was in high school! And, yes, my boys LOVE their fun, young uncle!! How fun! (Hmm, also another random thing we have in common!)

  4. I have a MUCH younger brother, too. My kids think he is hands down the coolest person ever invented.

    (I think they just could be close to right, too!)

  5. so awesome! My husband and his brother are 13 years apart and said brother and our boy are 13 years apart. "uncle tim" is 15, Xavier is 2 and we love having them together, their bond is amazing, undescribable! They are growing up as "brothers"- ahhh makes me gushy!

  6. My mother was 9 when her mother had twin boys! So, when she got married at 18, they were 9. She had me a year later, and 3 girls in 5 years. So, when we were young, they were basically in Jr. High, HS, and College. We would have a lot of fun with them. Now they are fine husbands and fathers w/ 6 children. So, in our family there are kinda 2 generations of grandchildren. My sister was 21 before the next grandchild was born.

    Oh, and they are both about a foot taller than my mother!


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