here's to a good laugh...

Internet searches that brought ‘you’ to my blog

“are little men cute” – Oh well mine defiantly are… but I don’t think my blog was what they were looking for. Good luck to ya… I thought beauty was in the eye of the beholder not found on the internet.

“big woman wrestling little men” – wow… people search some odd things on the internet… I have no idea where they found this on my blog. LOL

“how 2 wash mice” – I don’t think this was what they were looking for.

“cute pictures of men and dogs in bed” – I have NO idea

“chlorine in our food” – maybe they learned something from this?

Better luck next time!


  1. So how do you find this info out?

    There's some crazy people out there! My favs are the 2nd & 3rd ; )

  2. Yeah, I have so much fun seeing what people were searching for when they found us!

  3. How do you find this out? I'd be interested to see how people are finding me too.
    I love the "are little men cute". hehe


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