Happy New Year!

We spent a glorious evening at home... with the kids. After putting Ozzie to bed... we weren't going to try to keep him up... we sat around the table and had chips and dads salsa, fruit salad, brownies and ice cream & wine (sparkling juice for the kids). We talked about 2007 and special memories we have. One unanimous pick was our wonderful trip to North Dakota this summer... it truly was THE best vacation we've ever had. Then we talked about our own personal 'resolutions' and a family goal for this year. Vance practically fell asleep in his seat at 11:30 so we sent him to the couch... but Gavin and Grayson were wide awake. Gavin's resolution is to stop stealing and sneaking things. See he has a knack for smelling out any sweet thing anywhere.. it's crazy! He also likes to sneak into Grayson's 'spy gear' and take things for his own. Grayson's resolution was to "make better choices and think before I act" he's such an amazing boy. We decided Ozzie's resolution for him... to sleep better. And Vance responded with a 'uuuuhhhh' from couch. My resolution was to slow down and enjoy each and every moment I have with these precious children. I get so rushed... so... "I need to get this done". When I really don't... I need to stop... kneel on the ground and bathe in the glory of these marvelous children. They won't be small forever but the house work and laundry will always be there.

New Years normally comes and goes for me... not a big deal... but this year was different. I am THRILLED it's 2008 because that means 2007 is over! This year has been the hardest most challenging year of my life. I learned so much about myself this year and in some respects rediscovered myself. If only this were my personal journal I could disclose all... but it's not... so I won't... you'll just have to stay tuned. :)

So what did you all do.... did you stay home too or did you do something amazingly cool! Ha!
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  1. What a wonderful, wonderful post, Brittany! I, too, need to slow down, let the housework go, and bask in the glory of the kids God has given me, too.

    Sorry to hear the year has been hard and challenging for you. I pray you come out stronger, better and at peace.

    Happy New Year!


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