As seen in... laundry room...

almost all of the stained glass was my grandmothers, she made them. Se died when I was 3 years old and I don't have many memories of her. But I do remember the stained glass hanging in her home and I LOVE having them in my home now. They are very special to me. I made a few a long time ago and I dream of having the time to make stained glass again. I absolutely adore it!

here is my laundry I mean diaper sink...

and a picture of my grandmother and me...

This IS one of the reasons we bought our home, the laundry room and the wood floors, 40 windows, 10 + ft ceilings and a whole lot of potential. We didn't buy our house for the kitchen, bathrooms, walls, linoleum (that's gone thank goodness), plumbing, curb appeal, ect.... We painted, put in the black & white tile and were gifted from my wonderful father the best washer and dryer money could by. It's a mothers dream... really... they're absolutely awesome!


  1. What an awesome laundry room! I would LOVE to do my laundry if I had that room - well, maybe "love".
    My laundry room in outside, and I don't mean in the garage. I mean OUTSIDE.
    One of the pitfalls of living in So. Cal. It rained all weekend. I didn't do laundry.

    I'm not THAT sad.


  2. Oh how IS a dream! Mine is in my basement, so I'll live vicariously through you.

    Absolutely love the stained glass in there...

    You pics of your home look so fresh and alive, I'd love to see more home tours. :)

  3. I am completely jealous.

  4. My laundry is in the basement - yuck.
    No beautiful yellow paint, no big windows.... I have cold, concrete floors. But, at least I have a washing machine and dryer that give me clean clothes on a regular basis! I am very thankful for that.

    What a beautiful room - I'd buy a house based on that quality as well.


  5. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cooler than my laundry room. I love it!!!!! Can I come over and do my laundry there?

  6. Not have an awesome laundry room- you also have awesome taste too- which makes it even better! My laundry 'room' is in our basement- nothing all. I do love my washer and dryer though. I have a Kenmore Elite HE set- love them! I also would love a home tour (I guess you could call me nosy). I would do mine but I don't live in anything that interesting, but maybe I will anyway. We rent so it's a little harder to put our own little 'stamp' on it. Have a great day!

  7. I am jealous! That laundry room is amazing!!! WOW!

  8. MY Grandma has lots of stained glass pieces too. :) If your laundry room looks that fab, I cannot wait to see the rest of your home! Keep it coming!

  9. I love the laundry room. The stained glass is beautiful. I can recall similar ones from my childhood. Love the flooring and wall colors... would make me happy to have to be doing laundry in there!

  10. Amazing is right!
    Wow, my pile to just might fit in there and not be spilling out the door! ; )

    Love the color and tile you picked and of course those appliances!

  11. my pile to DO....


  12. Gorgeous. LOOOOOOOVE it.

  13. Your laundry room is so fantastic!!! and i love your lil mans pedipeds above ;-)

  14. I am TRULY jealous of your laundry room! mine is in the depths of my unfinished basement...I can't imagine having fresh air on me while folding clothes =)


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