Weekly Wrap

Are you ready?
I really don't recall much of what we did this week... it was very blah!

My sister-in-law is in labor... I think... she was heading in last night but we haven't heard any news yet. We're praying for you and that little baby girl! The FIRST baby girl in our family.

3 of the 4 boys were sick for 12 hours on Saturday and then I got sick. I never get sick... it was just a cold but it lingered and lingered and lingered all week. Monday was by-far the worst... and today is the best I've felt all week.

I was reminded just how wonderful my friends are this week.... my dear friend Shelly brought me a whole 'kit' of goodies on Monday and took care of school transportation for the boys both Monday and Tuesday. (We normally switch back and forth). And she took all the boys to wrestling on Monday. She brought yummy ginger fruit salad, sesame oil, emerganC drink packets, a wonderful neck wrap that I had to heat up in the oven since we don't have a microwave... oh and she gave me hug. She's such a wonderful friend... everyone needs a friend like Shelly! Then my friend Sarah... who is also our neighbor brought us Lasagna on Tuesday night and Chick-pea Curry last night. She is such a great cook and so so sweet! Everyone needs a neighbor like Sarah!

Paul had to work late a couple nights this week... including tonight. :( He is meeting with the guy who is starting a noc and wants Paul to be his lead engineer. Sounds like a GREAT job and it will give him a lot more flexibility to work from home. We're just praying that it will all fall into place if it's where God wants us.

The bathroom hasn't been touched all week.... but the picture is a peek of what it looks like so far. Why can't we get it done... it's not like we have 4 kids and other stuff to do right? We're just loaded with free time. It still looks awesome even though it's not all the way done.

I FINALLY set my backdrop up AND all the lights... so it's officially a studio as of yesterday. Now I just need to take our family Christmas pictures.

The boys have received two HUGE boxes in the mail this week... one from Uncle Thom and Aunt Dana which had 3 backpacks filled with goodies. The boys hounded me over and over to open them but I wouldn't let them. I had to eventually put them up so they would stop. Ha! This isn't the first package we've received from them... they are AWESOME with sending treats and goodies to the boys. The boys made a few comments like... "they must REALLY love us" & "we need to send them a BIG thank you" & "They must think we're really special" :) Thank you Thom and Dana... you show the boys so much love even though you're so far away. The 2nd box just came from Papa Craig... we can't wait to open it!

Our weekend is busy again... Grayson has TWO birthday parties. (which i still need to rsvp to... Ooops). We're going over to my parents on Saturday and Paul is tinting my brothers windows since he's coming home from Christmas (and it was his birthday present) Oh which leads me to..................

MY BROTHER READS MY BLOG... MY BROTHER READS MY BLOG! That means that he at least doesn't think I'm some old mommy dork since he's SO MUCH COOLER than me! We LOVE you Uncle Nick and can't wait to see you for Christmas... the boys don't know what to do without you. Occasionally they'll forget you're not here and then they'll remember and say "oh he's flying big jets and stuff". We hope the Air Force is treating you well! Love you!

Okay... now that I'm written a book... sorry! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Peace out,
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  1. Family and friends are great aren't they. : )

    I'm missing my Feist and others now on my player...listening to yours here!

    I'm glad you feel better!
    You have a great weekend too!

  2. Ha! We don't have a microwave either! Now I know someone who won't think I am crazy - or give me googly eyes when I stare at a microwave and wonder what the heck do I push now!

    Okay, that food sounded so good - I need a Sarah - I really, really do. Only one of my friends understands our way of eating and it can be kind of frustrating - especially when it is meal bringing time after I've had a baby.

    Hope your sister-law and a new baby girl have a wonderful birthing experience!


  3. boys being sick=bummer

    you being sick=bummer

    great friends who care and help=fabulous!

    sounds like our week!

    except, of course, I'm sure you are way too good of a mom to ever take your kids to a Pl*yPlace!

  4. Pshhh I was never too cool for you, except when you used to live at home...Then you just used to pick on me because you were jealous

    And besides, who says you're not a dork? Where else am I gonna get to see my nephews every day for a quick pick-me-up? I read this because I NEED it...and I guess...ok its pretty cool. There I said it.

    See you all in a couple days!!


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