Weekly Wrap...

Ahhhhhhh! That's what I have to say about this week!

We've all been fighting some kind of bug, not really sick just feeling down and not our selves. I'm guessing one of the 14 children we had here for Grayson's birthday party may have brought us an extra present. OY!

Grayson had his birthday party last weekend and I STILL haven't put the pictures up. I'm really that behind.

We put our tree up... Yeah! But I put it up in a different room this year and see... we live in a VERY old house and the electric isn't THE BEST. so... the tree in all it's bright colorful glory keeps flipping the circut breaker. OY OY OY! I put large colored lights on the tree this year... we've never done anything other than small white lights. I have to say... I like I like!!
Oh, and my wonderful husband doesn't like decorating for Christmas so he doesn't exactly take any involvment in the construction of the tree. And..... I should mention it's a 10 ft tree and it takes a VERY long time to put up. And me and my perfectionist self has to place lights up and down each individual branch.... which is WONDERFULLY beautiful with little white lights. However LARGE colorful bulbs do not require such exsessive placement. So after about 4 rows I realized this and had to go bbbaaacccckkkk through each branch and space them out further. But it's a BEAUTY now! Too bad I don't have any pictures to show you yet. ha!

Oh... last bit of tree info... I swear! The boys managed to bReAk SIX ornaments already... and Ozzie isn't to blame for any of them YET!

It's snowing... and snowing... and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! But it's still not enough and it's supossed to warm up and RAIN. YUCK!

We're 2 pairs of snowpants & 2 pairs of boots short of enjoying the beautiful white snow... I guess I'll be buying some very soon. I thought I was going to get some from freecycle but that didn't pan out. Darn!

I got my backdrop set up (with hubby's help) in the front room. that's why the tree is in a different room this year. I'm kind of bummed but I don't have any other options this year. Last year we had all 3 boys in the same room and Ozzie was in our room so we had an extra room upstairs that I used as my studio... now it's Ozzie and Grayson's room. I COULD use the toy room but where, oh where would all the toys go? Goodwill??? :)

Many of you have asked about the bathroom.... as of last night we have light in the bathroom.... YEAH YEAH YEAH! So now I need to get my butt in there and finish painting and patching the walls. Then Paul can put the trim on and caulk and then it's DONE!

We have small group tonight and it's our turn to lead... well... Paul's turn. *grin* He said he would do it so i'm letting him take the lead. He's good at that stuff anyway. Then we have a birthday party on Saturday and one of Sunday and something else i'm sure. Why is December so CrAzY??

I'll try to keep up on the blog but man oh man.... there's so much to do... as I 'm sure no one else understands. You all have tons of free time right? right? :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
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  1. That picture is AMAZING!

    did you take it?

    I have tonnes of free time, I have no idea what you are talking about.

    and if you believe that I have a large bridge for sale. If you're interested.


  2. Free time is like chocolate around here - never, never enough of it. :)

    I love your weekly wrap ups! Sounds like it was quite a week.
    I'm looking forward to tree pictures - I grew up with the big colored lights, but Daniel didn't. He likes white lights better, and I like him, so we do the white lights.

    Hope you have a great weekend with your four little men and one big man. :)



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