sNoW SnOw snOw

Yeah! The boys are THRILLED! It must have snowed overnight… I didn’t know we were getting snow. I did a little happy dance this morning… I LOVE snow! I can’t wait to go out and play in it! On the down side… we don’t have any boots for Grayson and Vance… but I may be picking some up from someone on freecycle this afternoon. I hope so. J Hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures to put up tonight too.

Enjoy the SNOW if you have it too!


  1. Ah! Can you believe this?! I didn't think it would REALLY snow! It's beautiful. I already posted a few pics of our backyard. I can't wait to take the boys out in it!

    PS- do you still want me to take some clothes off your hands? :) I found that Adam is already outgrowing the things I've bought for this year. I was going to go shopping, and then remembered you had some clothes for him! If not, no biggy. But I'd love them if you're still wanting to get rid of them! :) Thanks.

  2. Have fun in the snow! And no school is always fun too!
    * * * *
    * ** --- snow, isn't it beautiful!
    ** *

  3. Oh, yes! We have snow and are loving it! I didn't have any boots for Kieran, either, but I rectified that situation yesterday and he's been playing away!

  4. We have tons of snow here - it makes the world so beautiful and incredibly magical for the kids!

    Hope you have a really FUN day! Looking forward to the pictures :)


  5. We LOVE the snow too. If only Oli's mittens would stay on!!

  6. We LOVE the snow too. If only Oli's mittens would stay on!!


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