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Here are a few pictures from our 'date night' the THREE of us had a wonderful time. My parents gave us a $50 certificate to Stoney River... it was great! They had bread that was like doughnut holes with honey cinnimon butter and we shared swordfish with veggies and a bottle of wine. It was really good... i've never had Swordfish before and I don't eat any type of meat besides Salmon & just recently a little bit of Chicken so I was a bit nervous but it was really good and didn't 'gross' me out. :) Ozzie was happy eating sweet potatoes and drinking water. The next morning Paul had a breakfast interview that I got to on with him... we'll see what happens... it sounds like a great opportunity with a start up company. Then we headed to Lowes and got a few supplies for our bathroom remodel. We're still not done but hoping to be finished by Friday... we better we're hosting our small group and my in-laws are coming.

Paul doesn't like the picture of the two of us in front of the window... It's not your fault babe, you just don't take good pictures... but I love ya anyway!
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  1. Oh so fun! You two are cute cute cute!

  2. Love the pictures of you two on your date night. : )
    Good luck on your remodel this week!

  3. What a fun date night! Great pics too. You look great in blue.
    We are remodeling our bathroom too, except we had to gut ours. It has been a nightmare. It has been almost 7 weeks now and we still are not done. Blahhhh.

  4. You sexy things! ;)
    Glad you had a good time - sounds like a totally delicious, relaxing dinner! I had swordfish the other night and loved it - I've eaten it before but had forgotten how much I like it.

    I hope the remodeling is going well - no big hang ups or anything!

    Are you looking forward to getting your boy back?! :)


  5. Did you ever finish this bathroom??? Where are the pics posted?


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