to the farm he goes....


GW had the opportunity to hitch a ride with Papa Keith and go down to the farm for the week... Papa was up north picking up a Harley & 2 1970's old semi cabs he's going to referb... I'm excited about these... I love LOVE old trucks! So... we headed south and met up with him last night. It was a long drive for GW, they didn't get to the farm until 2am but he wasn't upset. He was literally giddy with excitement. We'll get him back on Friday when they come up for the weekend. I miss him already!
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  1. That's something he'll remember for the rest of his life!
    And how do his brothers feel about it?!
    I love the picture of you giving a big squeeze : )

  2. How fun for him!!

    They sure do leave a hole when they leave to go visit grandparents, don't they? I was so lost when Eve went to my parents house for ONE night! Entirely pathetic... :)



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