Smoke anyone?

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So... last night was a little bit exciting. I had just started to doze off when I heard some loud voices outside... I got up and walked to the window to see 3 people in a newer GMC pickup... they were getting out and running back and forth to our neighbors porch. The 'driver' a young lady who had a very boisterous voice was yelling "get a water bottle" "omg... my truck"... I still couldn't figure out what was going on. And then I heard one of the guys on their cell phone with someone saying "her trucks on fire" HOLY COW... what was he doing on the phone with someone else?? I ran to get my cell and called 911. They immediately dispatched a policeman who showed up within a minute. He parked on the other side of the road and slowly walked across the road to 'check it out'. He had them pop the hood... looked around... talked a bit... and then after 2 minutes maybe they saw the large cloud of smoke and he said "back up!" Like it was going to explode or something? So... here is this young lady screaming "my truck" and was actually being held back as if she wanted something out of the truck now that she fully realized it's going to catch of fire. As if the last 10 minutes weren't enough time. This must be when the policeman realized she smells... a bit like beer... so let's arrest her now. Okay! Then the firetruck shows up and this is when the truck is REALLY on fire now... it takes them a minute or 2 to hook the water up. It seemed like they were having trouble and at this point Paul and I were actually thinking 'this truck *may* explode if they don't get their act together' Right about then they get the water on and it only takes but 30 seconds to put it out... but the horn was stuck on... screeching... I should have continued to take pictures because it was hilarious... I felt like yelling "cut the battery cable" There were 6 + fireman standing there looking at the truck dumb-founded as to how they were going to get this horn off. Finally someone figured it out and cut the cable.

All around it was just a huge amount of ignorance! Electric fires burn slow and they smell... I overheard the 2 guys talking after everyone was gone and they said "I thought I smelled something but thought it was just the cigarettes" DUH! And why didn't anyone think to cut the cable to the battery? So maybe the kids didn't know... but why didn't the cop? Why aren't cops trained to know this? And why didn't they call 911? I'm guessing because she was underage and had been drinking but if someone would have called the truck never would have gone up in flames like that... it was all a matter of timing. Had I not called it probably would have exploded before anyone got there.

So.... lesson here... if you smell smoke call 911! If it's wires burning cut the battery cable! And if your car is catching on fire don't park under trees and power lines.

Okay.... but it was really 'cool' to watch! :)
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  1. So, THAT is where the smoke smell was coming from!! We could actually smell it over here!! Amazing.

  2. Yikes! Glad everyone was safe but it does make you wonder about the training these "emergency workers" get huh!


  3. That is so strange! We had a car explode on our street last week. I was just finishing up the boys' lunch and we heard a long boom and our walls shook. Half a block down a car had exploded. Thankfully no one was hurt. I think that was the most excitement we've had on our quiet little street.

  4. That's crazy!
    I love a little excitement as long as no one gets hurt!
    And WHY didn't they know what to do??


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