Sorry about the non-sense picture... it's the easiest way to blog from Picasa. :)

when I started my blog 2 years ago I was doing it for the sole purpose of family. I had always had a webpage with the boys pictures and this seemed easier. I never imagined it would be what it is today. See about 6 months ago I realized something....... there are other mom's out there... with kids... boys... who are like me... AND they have a blog. Wow! Interesting concept huh? Even then I didn't think I would actually 'talk' to them or become friends. But I have and it's wonderful... it really has been a blessing. I have learned from you, been encouraged, identified with, and so much more.

So... I would like to put links on my sidebar and add those of you who want to be added so that others can maybe find you and be blessed like I have been.

If you want to be added just leave a comment... and please don't only let one person comment or I will feel like a complete loser with no friends... even though I know I am not a loser. Ha! :)
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  1. Feel free to add me, if you don't mind being added to mine!

    It is pretty neat how blogging can connect to other Moms. I guess it replaces the family neighborhood feel of the 50's?

  2. I'd love to be added!! :)

  3. I'm already listed (thanks!), but I wanted to leave you a "you're not a loser" comment. lol

  4. Thanks for commenting at my blog. You don't HAVE to do the 4 things meme if you don't want to. No pressure.
    I'd love to be added to your link list. :)

  5. Hi! I read your blog... I'm not looking for you to put me on your sidebar, I just wanted you to know that there are lots of us out there :) All of us Mom's banding together over the WWW. :)
    Glad you're enjoying blogging!! You do it very well, keep up the good work...

  6. I feel the same way--you said it very well. I also "ditto" the above Jessica.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!