Congrats to Mark and Becky on their new baby boy... Nathan! I can't wait to see him... and take some pictures. :)

I was playing around with my blog yesterday and added the boys pictures to the side, the logo to the top and the labels on the sidebar. Yeah! Now that I know how to do it I'm going to have fun playing around more. I want to get a picture of all the boys to put up on the top. We'll see how long that takes to get. ha!


  1. hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

    What adorable little men you have!! :)

    Have a great week!

  2. I'm glad you found my blog! Your boys are adorable! Aren't they great (boys that is...)? =)

  3. Such gorgeous boys! I love the pics on the side and the logo at the top. Well done!

  4. It is fun changing stuff around on blogs...kind of like interior decorating with out the cost!

    Oh, and I've seen several pieces of clothing on your boys that mine wear or have worn. One being that hooded velour one piece! One of my favorites!

  5. MMmm, a photo of all four of your boys at once. Good luck! I had a hard enough time when I had only two...we'll see how many I get of all three now. Your boys are gorgeous (and GREAT names!)'s been fun reading through your and I hve many common interests! Kiss your babies and have a good night with your husband...


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