Thankful Thursday...

This week I haven't felt very thankful... I've been in a fog really... not seeing the good or the bad... just there... overwhelmed... tired... sad... but I'm THANKFUL I sat down to write out my 'Thankful Thursday' today. I'm starting to feel closure after putting together the slide show and posting about Buddy last night.

needless to say... Buddy is what is on my mind so this thankful Thursday is the 'Buddy edition'

I am thankful for Buddy, for his sweet disposition and his unconditional love

I am thankful for the bond he had with Grayson, he will be forever remembered

I am thankful for all the pictures we have of him

I am thankful for the wonderful memories we have of him on vacation (twice)

I am thankful that the morning before he was hit we had a great time with him and have wonderful last memories of him

I am thankful the big boys didn't see him die

I am thankful for everyone who was there... my neighbor for staying inside with GW and OZ, my other neighbor for staying with Buddy, the lady walking by (who had the dogs buddy wanted to see) for hugging me, for the lady who hit him for stopping, for Shelly for keeping the boys, for the man in the pickup for picking him up from the road & taking him to the vet.

I am THANKFUL for every moment we had with him... he was a blessing to our family and he will forever be loved and missed!
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  1. May God wrap you in sweet blessings.

  2.'s always so tough to lose a treasured pet, and friend really, like that....I'll be thinking and praying for your family!

  3. Oh, how sad but what wonderful memories. I know it is so hard. God Bless your sweet heart!

  4. I am always looking for blogs by moms who have all boys and I found you when I was at lifewithallboys.
    I'm so sorry to hear about your dog. Loosing a dog is like loosing a member of the family. So nice that you have so many nice memories of him. How are your boys doing with the loss?
    Nice to meet you.
    Good bless, Buddy.

  5. What a sweet post...I had tears in my eyes, remembering my MJ who was hit by a car :( My you cherish those memories always!

  6. Oh poor Buddy. :( I have all boys (3) and I know they'd ALL be devastated if our puppy was hurt.

    Hope you all are healing and finding peace.

    I love your kids' names, btw. Unique without being weird.


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