Why is life so complicated? So.... we finally have a nice new expensive Honda van, and we LOVE IT! We've tried to take such good care of it, keep it clean, etc.... so it really SUCKS when someone hits your car in the mall parking lot and RUNS! I've called the mall and they have security cameras so we are PRAYING that they saw who hit us. Otherwise we'll have to pay our deductible to have it fixed. OY! The mall wouldn't give us the information... for legal reasons so we had to file a claim with our insurance and they have to go through the legal department to get a court order to release the security footage. Like I don't have enough to do. Ha!

On a positive note.... Paul is off work all week and possibly part of next week.... long story! But we're excited! Yeah!

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  1. That happened with my Toyota. And as if that wasn't tnough, Kent's drill press fell over on it one day. I can laugh about it now. I tstill cringe every time I look at the dings though. :(


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