my little love...

I'm always getting comments about having 4 boys... unfortunately most of the comments are sorrow instead of happiness. As if my sweet little boys are stepping stones on a path to a girl?!? Oh and the dreadful... are you going to try again for a girl? First of all.... I JUST had a baby.... and second of all.... did I miss the boat on some sort of plan you can follow and chose the sex of your baby before hand? God has blessed us with 4 little boys and I feel so beyond honored to be their mother.

So..... here are more pictures of little boy #4. He's just as amazing as #1, #2 and #3 and NO I don't wish he's a girl. :) He is the most perfect, wonderful, adorable, special boy I could have asked for. And........ that is that

Now enjoy the super cute pictures of my little love...

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  1. That is the cutest little baby I've ever seen!
    The pictures are all crystal clear, applause for the one who took them.

  2. Thank you and Thank you! I agree he is the cutest little baby ever. :) And I'm slowly becoming a better photographer... I have lots of subjects to practice on. Ha!


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