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So I found this blog called Mommy Talk... They post a weekly question (i think) and you answer it on your blog. Sounds like fun so I'm going to give it a try.

May 21:
baby names on your list...
What name did you chose, and why?

I seem to get asked a lot where we came up with our boys names... it's really very simple. We didn't know they were all boys until they were born and we haven't named any of them until they were born as well. With the exception of Grayson all of them have been named after they were 24 hours old and with a name that wasn't on the list. So much for lists....

While I was pregnant with Grayson Paul and I were watching motocross and saw a racer with the last time Grayson... we had a few other names picked out (camron I think) but when he was born he looked like a Grayson.

When Vance was born he was 31/2 weeks early and we were not ready with names. We didn't even have a list. It took 2 days to name him. Paul found the name Vance and I did not like it at first... then when the nurse brought him back in the room from getting his PKU she handed him to me and he looked like Vance... he just did...even though I didn't like the name yet. Now I love the name. Vance started the trend of waiting to see the baby before picking a name.

When I was pregnant with Gavin I didn't really make a list of names I liked the girl name Ellie Grace but wasn't sure on boy names... Paul once again found the name Gavin Wesley and I wasn't sure yet again... but after looking at him the name just fit.

While I was pregnant with Ozzie I looked through lots of books and had lots of boys and girls names picked out... funny enough Ozzie was NOT on the list. When he was born I went through the list and none of the names fit him. I was laying in the hospital bed with him in the middle of the night and I woke up and looked at him and the name Ozzie came to my mind. It wasn't on a list, I don't know anyone with that name, I don't watch survior, I don't like Ozzie Osborn, I think there is another Ozzy I'm not thinking of. But anyway... he's not named after any of them.

So there you have it... that's how all these crazy boys were named.

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  1. Welcome to Mommy talk! I've cruised through and checked out your other posts as well. You take some great photos! We don't have names picked out ahead of time either.

  2. I find it so interesting to hear how other's come up with their kids' names! I know of some people who wait until birth and they see their baby before deciding on a name - it's like you said - they see their baby and then a name just comes to them and it just seems to "fit"!

  3. Welcome to our fun little mommy talk! I added you to the list, so just check the mommy talk site to find out the new question, and then post away on Mondays! I love your boys husbands name is Gavin, so I think that's my favorite!

  4. Thanks girls! I'm so excited to have comments... Ha!

  5. 4 boys! Wow! I have one and he can be a handful sometimes, but he surely is such a sweetheart!


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