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We're back! After a l-o-n-g 'spring' break... It was like I was back in school again, with no homework. Ha! No email, no photo work, no balancing the bank account, no blogging, no keeping up with everyone elses blog. I almost didn't want to come back... but I did! I'm excited to starting posting adorable pictures of the boys again. They are so cute! Yesterday was our first hot, sticky humid day of the summer. I almost forgot what it was like it's been such a mild few months. Ozzie took his first 'swing' on the swingset. He liked it, Gavin wanted to really push him but Grayson kept it undercontrol with a slight rock. He's such a good big brother. Vance was sitting opposite of him and had his hand on Ozzie most of the time. He's such a lucky little dude to have these awesome big brothers!
I'm going to try to catch up and post some pictures of the last month and half. Do the boys look different? I think Ozzie does... he's getting so big and his personality is really coming out. He's SUCH a cool dude! Smiles at EVERYONE! Giggles, grunts, squeals, hollers, shakes with excitement, kicks, sucks his thumb, holds his blankie, grabs toys, rolls over from back to front, he's even sitting up with a little help. I CAN NOT believe how big he's getting. I love having a little baby around the house again... they're so much fun!

Anyway... enjoy the new pictures!

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