Happy Birthday Dad

We had such a great birthday with Dad this year... it was just a really nice evening. Very special! Especially since we had been gone all day, no naps and it was HOT! The boys and I had been shopping all afternoon looking for clothes for Paul. I know that sounds like a stupid gift but he really WANTED new clothes. So... the boys picked out a bunch of clothes for him... with my help. Then we went to the store to get supplies for the cake and dads dinner. When we got home everyone helped make the food and wrap the gifts. Oh the boys had picked out balloons too and Grayson had this idea that they would surprise dad when he got home. So all 3 boys were waiting in the bathroom downstairs with 4 balloons and about 10 presents. I was in the kitchen icing the cake. It was hilarious to hear them in there... every little noise Gavin would make Grayson and Vance would "Shhhhhhh". Finally Dad walked in the door and the boys practially fell out of the bathroom and................ forgot to say surprise! It was so funny. Anyway, after dinner we did presents and then cake. I'm always bummed that I don't get to take more than 2 pictures of the boys and the cake. I have 5 seconds if that inbetween carrying the cake in, setting it down, picking up my camera and taking a picture before someone blows all the candles out. Oh well!
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