Gracie Lou Freebush

Our most recent visit with Gracie was indeed exciting. The boys are so intrigued by Gracie. They love to feed her peanuts and watch her play catch with her ball on the stairs. She is normally 'clipped' but she has gone free this winter... and her little flight was quite a sight to see. I was totally unprepared with the camera so I only caught this one shot as she was getting ready to land. Over the weekend apparently Gracie caught on to a phrase we use often... "whatcha doin'" and repeated it over and over. Guess who responded?? Gavin! Gracie would say "whatcha doin'" and Gavin would reply "nothin' Gracie". She is such a treat to be around... aren't we lucky to have a "papa with the Gracie".

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  1. Gracie misses the grandboys and now she's saying "Grayson"


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