Ramblings of a pregnant mama

I'm addicted to raw carmel dip and apples.
Seriously addicted.
I made a triple batch on Monday and it's gone today. 
It's the perfect fill-er-up and is actually good for you
...so I don't feel too bad.

The kids and I saw what we thought was a badger the other night on our way home
...it was huge, and black and scary looking. 
My husband saw it later that night and confirmed it was indeed a badger.
After an hour or so of research we all now know a lot about badgers,
and we hopefully have nothing to worry about.
Although Ozzie keeps talking about how it bothers him to know it's out there.

I think my nesting has rubbed off on the 3 little kids. They completely rearranged the girls room yesterday. Moved the bed, all the baskets, their smallish book shelf & even moved their taped up art work to another wall.
If only they had the desire to organize the clothes storage too.

It was 47 degrees the other day and the little kids thought it was an all out heat wave
...I tried to tell them it wasn't quite swim-suit and sprinkler weather.
But they didn't believe me,
and actually spent nearly an hour playing in the sprinkler.

It has been a rare day to have all 6 of the kids home lately.
1-2-3 and sometimes all 4 of the boys have been out in the field,
working, digging, rock picking, rock burying, dirt moving....
the tractor-machine knowledge these boys have already blows my mind.
I was a born and raised city girl,
and I am totally raising country kids
...that know more than me sometimes. {grin}

I am 35 weeks today.
It has me a bit emotional about this milestone.
They girls were born at 35 weeks due to my car accident.
I wasn't ready to be done with that pregnancy and it was difficult
...to emotionally and physically recover from that ordeal.
But I did. And I'm incredibly grateful.
And feeling oh so blessed for each additional day this babe is inside me.
savor has been my word lately. completely savor.

I am still up and going, a little bit slower though
...and by late afternoon I am sore.
I can't complain though, this pregnancy has been so easy thus far.

I am feeling a bit smothered in this tiny farmhouse lately
and the thought of another little person needing their own space too. sigh.
I know we won't always be in this tiny house,
but we are right now and we have to make it work.
And really it's not just making it work I desire
...I want to be content with what we have,
content with what God has provided for us.
because really, it is enough.

I just emptied an entire month of photos off of my camera.
I haven't been using it quite as much lately.
Ebb and flow. Ebb and flow.
I miss it though.
There have just been other things calling my attention.

Grandpa has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now.
It's a blood clot in his leg.
They tried a procedure that didn't work and eventually did a bypass.
It's been up and down
...on the up now and hopefully staying that way.

With the big boys gone nearly everyday
...in the school of hard rocks as we joke
I've been spending a lot more time learning with the littles.
no set curriculum, we moved away from that type of schooling a while ago
but more life learning, soaking up more opportunities,
and letting their interests lead.
It's been a breath of fresh air.

The kids are getting increasingly excited about this little babe
We started a paper chain countdown,
which makes it seem really really not very far away.
Ozzie saw a baby at a restaurant the other day,
he spent most of the dinner carefully watching that little baby.
Later he told me all about the babies tiny hands and how they were clenched together.
He told me about his tiny nose and how he made squishy faces.
I loved sitting there listening to him tell me all about this baby.
He is going to be such a good big brother, again.

off to finish up the chickpea veggie curry I have cooking,
before the ever-hungry stampede of boys walk in the door.

talk to you soon friends.

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