:: this and that ::

life has been busy but good around here
there is so much ebb and flow with farming
which is totally me
and probably why I love being here...
being a farmers wife
raising little farmers
and farming my own little patch of goodness

I am nearly 32 week. 
32 weeks. wow.
Despite how it looks on my blog I have been documenting my growing belly
...on instagram {i'm brittanyclaireandco if you're on there}

the weather is turning colder
it was 86 last week
and then it was 29
...and snowedand melted.
We are totally still calling this autumn though,
and enjoying the sunshine and summer clothes as long as we can.

We recently started up a family excavation business
...what's a little more dirt and a few more machines.
It's kept all the boys a little busier than usual,
but that's a good thing, especially for a start up business.

I have been making a lot of ice cream lately
...pregnancy craving much?!
raspberry, lemon, peanut butter, kale, mint chip, strawberry
and it's all sugar & dairy free.
I promise to share the recipe!

My garden is almost done
the only thing I have left is kale and swiss chard, which love this cooler weather.
There are some green tomatoes still waiting to be picked,
but the plants are all dead.

I am loving the 4-5 year old stage we are in right now.
The 3 littles, that aren't really that little anymore
totally brighten my day, everyday.
Their questions and thoughts
and little personalities coming out.
love it.

The kids are praying and begging for snow
and if it doesn't snow big they all want to go to the west coast for the winter.
They dream of adventure and travel
...just like their parents.

I don't have one little thing ready for this baby yet
and really, there isn't much to do.
pull out a few baby clothes, make up some wipes and get some newborn diapers.
hard to believe we're only 6-7 weeks away.
I am getting so anxious to meet this little one,
but I want to savor every minute of this pregnancy too.

A few days ago I was dropping off some bags at the thrift store
and a lady in the parking lot hollered out "thank you for having babies"
a conversation was sparked and she ended up giving me a hug
and telling me so many things I needed to hear that day.
God is everywhere and he always shows up at the most perfect times.

happy day my friends
see you soon


  1. I am SO anxious for your ice cream recipe! I am a first-time nursing mama and my 7-week old was having major tummy trouble, causing me to cut all dairy from my diet. The things I miss most are milk and ice cream! :)

    And AMEN, thank you for having babies! :)

  2. Beautiful photos!
    I've been following your blog for a long time. What a lot of changes you have undergone in that time! It's really beautiful to see you making the most of your circumstances, making a new and different life for yourself and your family while still being you!
    Thank you for having babies indeed! Your kids are precious.

  3. Love your belly picture. So cute! And I agre... Thank you for having babies.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!