:: 32 week baby belly ::

measuring 33 -34 cm
40 in. around
31 pounds heavier

still feeling good
I've slowed down a bit though
If I am on my feet too much I start to ache and feel pressure and contractions
so I am taking it easy
by night I am done
at least I am still sleeping good
and having no back pain
my hips ache a bit when I sleep
but feel better when I get up in the morning and stretch

the girls are very adamant that it's a girl
or at least that they want it to be a girl
I still don't have a feeling either way

the kids are already talking about having another baby after this
wait, what?!?

I haven't taken a proper belly photo in weeks
so these instagram pictures will have to do

I was looking through photos of the twins when they were newborns
I am so excited for this little one
what a blessing it will be to have a newborn in the family again


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