the ones we left behind

they are missed.
they are prayed for daily.
they are being checked on by friends.
they are outside in the cat shop.
they have hay bales and a heating pad to keep warm.
they probably miss us.
they are deeply loved.
they are our cats.
they are part of our family.
they are the ones we left behind.


  1. Even to a person, who is not a cat lover because I am SO allergic, that is a beautiful picture!

  2. Sarah-Anne Lyons2/6/12, 8:22 PM

    awww, my heart hurts for your guys because i love my kitty...they are in good hands i'm sure!

  3. Great Picture.... and I love the cats names. I know how you feel It sucks leaving pets behind.

  4. two words. SPAY. NEUTER.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!