They're {big} boys

years ago {when we only had 1-2-3} children
...we would sit and talk about what it would be like when they were older.

Older as in {five}
What they would be able to do and say
...the way they would interact with us and their brothers.

Now here they are

they blow me away by what they comprehend sometimes
the way they talk and walk
...and dream

the big kid things they are able to do
...and want to do

the amount of weight they can carry
...physically and emotionally

I still find myself looking at them in awe...

as I fold their {almost as big as their dad} jeans
and serve dinner portions larger than I can eat

as I watch their faith grow
and their relationship with God become their own

I think back about what I thought it would be like
...and it's nothing like I thought

It's more than I ever could have imagined blessed am I to be their mother
and watch them grow...
into amazing big men!

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  1. They are true treasures!  Love that pic of them bikin' around.

  2. I know exactly what you mean.

  3. Your boys look like wonderful, young men to know...your mobile house and trip look like a BLAST to be a part of...your honesty is admired...your family is a pleasure to "know" through blogger world and your passion for health, agriculture and food is fantastically contagious. Thanks for being YOU!

  4. brittanyclaire6/15/11, 8:08 PM

    Thank you kelli...its wonderful to have met you through blogland too. :)


  5. I'm in that place of wondering what my boys will be like when they are older. They are {almost} four, {almost} three, 18 months, and 6 weeks. :) But for now, I suppose I will enjoy the journey. :)

  6. brittanyclaire6/15/11, 9:22 PM

    Thats right...enjoy every moment because it is all wonderful!


  7. gul kilic Koroglu6/15/11, 11:54 PM

    i have only one boy. And I feel as if he will  never grow up.

  8. the other day, i had to run out into "the swamp" yard...and i grabbed my 10 yr olds muck boots. they i nearly cried.

  9. Reading this gave me chills. Parenthood is amazing- and it goes so fast. My oldest boy is 4.5 years old- and I feel like he was just born. Being a parent is an amazing gift from God! 

  10. Www.4frozendreams.blogspot.com6/16/11, 12:04 PM

    I can't wait for that! We have a bit of a gap between our first two boys (6 years) but I am amazed at how well they can still play together. Bonds of brotherhood I guess.

  11. sixcrazychildren6/16/11, 7:15 PM

    My Matthew, who recently turned 15, and is my eldest son.....said to me when he was about eight. "look mum, I'm growing men's hands"...... And now he has them...... in his man size but still growing body. I saw a photo of him the other day when he had been down checking the surf and I was admiring his muscular arms & shoulders.
    THIS is a great joy to me...watching my {five} boys grow into men.

    But watching your daughter become a woman is differentbyet equally divine. Saying "goodbye" to babies is so bittersweet.... We just need to embrace each stage. This is life isn't it?

  12. brittanyclaire6/17/11, 8:53 AM

    Amazing... Each and every stage. And what a blessing that we get to watch. :)


  13. Gosh when I started reading this blog the girls were babies, Ozzie was a toddler and the other boys weren't so grown up!


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