my days are filled with

...reading the Bible
...sticky fingers
...little ones fresh from the bathtub
...broken crayons
...dancing to music
...reading books on the couch
...nursing not so baby babies
...staying up too late
...hours spent in a tiny kitchen
...snow in the entry way
...playful kittens
...wild boys
...girly giggles
...crumbs on the floor
...snuggling under blankets
...tractors big and small
...bear hugs
...Christmas lights & garland creations
...board games
...learning and loving
...seeking patience
...dishes and laundry
...sometimes yelling
...slippers & cold toes
...tea cups filled with water
...pillow fights & hideouts
...making Christmas gifts
...encouraging children to do their chores
...celebrating little girls using the potty
...missing family
...loving life

What are your days filled with?


  1. Hello Britanny, i follow your blog for a while and I love it!
    Would like to know if you have time to do you get to nurse the girls?
    I have a little girl which is 15 months and really would like to nurse her longer (at least 2 years) and I was just wondering how you do that! when are they interested? how many times? still both together or separate?
    many thanks!

    Of course I understand if you don't have time! (-;
    Blessings really to all of you
    I'm Léa's sister (the one who won the last give away!)

  2. I nursed both my younger children (not twins) for an extended time. One until she was 2 and the other until 3. My daughter who nursed until 2 was interested ALL the time. She would have nursed multiple times in the day and night, but once she was about 18 months old, she only nursed at home. I would nurse her whenever she wanted as long as we were at home. My son, who nursed longer, also nursed more infrequently. By the time he was 2 it was definitely just morning and before bed and naps. He never asked to nurse when we were out - he was just too busy! I cherish those times and I am so glad I nursed them longer than the norm. It is good for your health as well.


Thank you for blessing me with your words!