The egg salad

I think I twitter about food too much {grin}
I recently mentioned making healthy egg salad
...and the crowd went wild
well, if you consider 5 of you a crowd {grin}

doesn't it look delicious?!

you'll need:
18 eggs
canned coconut milk
hemp seeds
sunflower seeds
real salt
sprouted bread

place the eggs in a large pot
fill with cold water
cover and bring to a boil
lower heat and simmer for 10 minutes
remove eggs and place in ice bath until cold
place peeled and diced eggs into a bowl
add in cucumber & celery
2 heaping tablespoons of cold coconut milk
{the canned coconut milk firms to a consistency similar to sour cream when cold}
add in hemp seeds and sunflower seeds
and if you're lucky leeks still growing in your garden
season with real salt & black pepper
mix gently

and then your kitchen might look like this...

top your bread with a few pieces of kale
sliced tomato
a few stalks of cilantro
a heaping spoon full of egg salad
and if you're like me, more pepper {grin}

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  1. Keep them coming!!! I eat this stuff up as it is all so good:) Also waiting for a "green juice" post when you have a chance!

  2. Love it! Gonna have to try this one. :) Oh, yes. The green juice recipe would be great as well as your bug repellant. I use Aubrey's right now (mostly Neem based), but would love something with pure citronella. Any suggestions? Have a blessed Sunday.

  3. Thank you! This sounds so good and I really appreciate the coconut milk/sour cream trick, too :-)

    Making my meal plan .....

  4. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:02 PM

    no regular black pepper is fine... it was "real salt" which is very different from regular salt.

  5. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:03 PM

    So glad you enjoyed it! We eat a lot of cucumber, cilantro, tomato and avocado... I seem to put it in everything!

  6. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:04 PM

    Hee-Hee! We buy 4 dozen at a time. :) You could easily scale it down. I often forget that most families don't need to make as much food as us. {grin}

  7. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:04 PM

    This made about 12 sandwiches... I should have scaled it down a bit. {grin}

  8. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:05 PM

    oh yes, we use coconut in place of lots of dairy things. So awesome!

  9. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:05 PM

    green juice coming..... as for repellent. I'm still working on that one. We had one this year that we were not thrilled with. :)

  10. brittanyclaire11/14/10, 11:06 PM

    maybe this week. {grin}

  11. sixcrazychildren11/15/10, 12:38 AM

    I like this..... awesome.. :):)


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