I realize that I left you all seriously hanging on this post
when life gets crazy
it is crazy!

Grayson was the victim
well I guess you can't really call him a victim when he asked for it
...and I obliged
even though I never cut the boys hair
...dad is our usual barber

not the best picture... but I had to prove it was Grayson somehow! {grin}
I had emails & phone calls from family asking who got a hair cut
...I am in love with Vance's long hair
...and so is he
...and apparently so are you!
Gavin keeps asking for a buzz but I'm on the fence
...he'll probably be next I'm sure.
and NO I will not be cutting the girls curls, oh my no!

one of your comments was so hilarious it's worth repeating...

Well, since we are guessing, we might as well have fun with it, so here goes. After all the children spent a fun day in the mud (I saw those pictures a few days back), you needed to wash them, however, the washer decided to rebel, so now you needed to hand wash them. As you hold your hand under the facet, it begins to dawn on you that no hot water is coming out. Now you have dirty clothes, dirty, hungry, tired children and no hot water. Not being deterred, cuz a mommy has got to do what a mommy has got to do, you put water on the stove to heat up. After all if you let those children stay dirty, they may ruin (who care about the clothes at this point). While try to get four pans of water on the oven, the twins find some yummy chocolate that you had hidden, which is now nicely smeared in with the mud on their adorable chubby little faces. Goodness, they are so cute, how could you not laugh (though with a nervous twitch by now). Oh no, what do you hear???? NOTHING! where have those boys gone to, with nothing on but their undies....
I quick look out the door reveals a temptation to strong for any young man...
throwing mud balls at each other, mixed with snow behind that pretty blue shed, because a mud ball with snow mixed in will have a nice little "sting" when it finds its almost naked target.
Don't worry, I'm getting to the hair...you make sure the twins and the water are safe...turn on some rockin' music (thus the electric cord), check on the twins and the water again, when you realize that you forgot to turn stove on to heat the water. However, you did turn the oven on to early and now supper is burned....
back outside...you call the boys over and rinse them with the hose ("hush little darlin's, I know the water is cold...to bad!).
Now you smell another smell, an awful smell coming from your bathroom, where the twins have mischievously smeared the mud/chocolate all over, then "cleaned" it with toilet paper, which they sweetly threw in the toilet right before they flushed it, and the toilet is now flooding all over the bathroom.
Your rescue your little girls, take them outside...use that water hose to make a nice mud puddle right beside that chair so that you can watch them...
while you pull your hair out.
So, I hope you got a good laugh out of my imaginary story, but the truth is, some days are just plain hard as mothers, some days we do feel like pulling our hair out (figuratively, of course) . And then, you breath and thank the LORD for those precious ones.

The funniest part about her story....
is how real it is {without knowing}
my washer wasn't working for 2 months
our hot water heater just went out
Ozzie has been caught outside butt-naked 4 times this week
only 1 burner works on the stove so I couldn't have heated up 4 pans
I did rinse the kids off outside after too much mud fun
and I did find the girls in the bathroom the other day
...covered in peanut butter and trying to wash it off in the sink with toothbrushes
...all while saying "dirty" "ewww"

real life is so hilarious!

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