leaving and arriving

open doors
chaos everywhere
truck loaded
near midnight
paul pulls out with the moving truck
it's not how I imagined it would be
so thankful my dad came over to help
crying as I pick up the kids from my best friends house
45 minute drive to Papa Jeffs
up late drinking wine and talking
laid awake all night
girls slept in my arms
boys slept in the basement
up early... ready to finish up at the house
2 dads and friends there to help
my heart is breaking all day
sun shining... warming the air
kids playing outside
taking pictures of our family in each room
watching my best friend cry
missing Paul
shutting the door for the last time
leaving things behind because they didn't fit
crying on and off for hours
eating chocolate
too emotional to listen to anything but 80's pop music
girls dancing in their car seats
spent the night at Papa Craigs house
shared the king bed with the girls
boys slept in my old bunk beds
up and ready for the road
crash lesson in backing up a trailer
making room for Nana's bags
stopped to pick up Nana
everyone is finally excited for our journey
9 long hours of driving
boys fighting in the backseat
girls sleeping and snacking
rainy day
bummed we couldn't stop to see a friend
expensive toll roads
pulling a bumpy trailer
one time-out standing in the rain
boys finally start getting along
lots of phone calls checking on us
late night stop at a ski lodge with a pool
yummy pizza for dinner
big waffles & yucky eggs
opened the trailer to check and things started falling out
fill gas {again}
another long day of driving
dry roads and lots of clouds
pictures at a rest stop
ready to stop by getting so close
horrible fogs rolls in... hard to see
slow down
stop to get chips for the kids
hoping for a safe last 2 hours
stopping in our new town for pizza {again}
calling Paul and asking him to guide me home
completely disoriented on the gravel roads in dense fog
watching for Pauls lights
following him to our new home
girls screaming daddy with delight
boys jumping into the mud
ready for bed
1400 miles
we're finally here.

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