Meet Me & more random thoughts

first a picture... because 2 sisters chubby little hands touching in the bathtub makes my heart happy!

and because there is SO MUCH going through my head I'm going to go for bullet style here

--We've been busy very very busy. We have been preparing for our BIG trip! So after this post there might be a lot of wordless days the rest of the week. I think you'll all be okay with lots of pictures... right!?! {grin}

-- How would you like to meet me and my family {next week}
We'll be traveling 1,100 miles and we are bound to be crossing paths with at least a few of you on our way!
If you are in between Indiana & North Dakota and you would like to meet us along the way email me at
Once I know where everyone is at we'll be able to pick a few stops along the way.
As of right now we are for sure stopping in Minneapolis and probably Chicago.

-- I have been trying to get the babywearing 101 and cloth diapering 101 posts done but there is so much to do I am not even close to being done.
In the cloth diaper post I was going to see if anyone was interested in buying 24 size small bum genius diapers. But since that post will likely be finished while we are away from home and I won't have the diapers with me I thought I would offer it up now and see if anyone is interested.
Again -- you can email me at for more info.

-- We're going to our first homeschool conference this weekend and I wanted to ask here first if anyone had curriculum they were interested in selling.
I am looking for...
My Fathers World
Real Science 4 Kids

If you have anything you'd like to sell please email me at

-- I know I'm not done with the "You asked it" posts... and NO I am not quitting. I WILL be finishing them up as soon as we are settled at the farm. Trust me, I'll have plenty of time. {grin}


My brain is swirling full of thoughts right now, so much to do, so much to plan, to double check & to get done.

But it will be worth it!

I'm looking forward to hearing from you and watch out for wordless picture overload! {grin}
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  1. Cutest hands! I need to e-mail you...

  2. Looking forward to seeing those chubby hands in person SOON!

    You just reminded me, I'm going to be selling my collection of Kissaluvs diapers just as soon as I post them to Craigslist. If any of your readers like that style of cloth diapering feel free to contact me via my blog.

    Happy Packing Britt!

  3. Your meeting Carrie?!?! I would love to join you guys in the fun and meet you all!!

  4. Do you live in Indiana? I do, I am just wondering if you are close or not. I love checking out your family and reading your tips, but I don't remember if I have left a comment or not before. Can't wait to find out if you are a 'neighbor' or not!

  5. If your kids are really into math, I would suggest Saxon or another more 'intense' math program. Math-U see is great for a younger age but leaves much to be desired for 'older' kids. Please email if you'd like to discuss :)

    best of luck on your trip!

  6. We're down south so not in your path right now :) Hope you have a great trip though!

    Could never get enough pictures of all your cuties!!!!

  7. If you ever head to the NE, please let me know. ;-) Maine is wonderful this time of year! LOL

    MUS has a Yahoo group for selling used products. You can typically find used teacher's manuals & DVDs/videos. Occasionally you can find manipulatives & rarely you will find workbooks. I typically buy the TE/DVDs used & buy my workbooks new.

    Have fun!

  8. Sounds like you are busy. We always look forward to your pictures...

    Those chubby hands are the cutest!

  9. awww chubby baby hands and fingers, you are making me pine for another baby:) I would LOVE to meet you, but maybe QLD, Australia is too out of your way:) Love your blog and pictures anyway:)

  10. Oooh, I'm an hour from Minneapolis! ;)

  11. Oh, I disagree with the Saxon comment! Math-U-See rocks!

  12. I LOVE your recipes and food information! Having just found out that my daughter (who is breastfed exclusively) allergic to dairy and eggs...I plan on using them more since I won't be eating any more dairy. Thanks for sharing! :)

  13. Lovely photo! My baby boy's chubby hands and feet are sooo delectable! I love how you captured this moment!
    I am starting to homeschool this fall - my daughter - she will be four. I am beyond excited! I have acrually been able to find most of my curriculum for a great price on ebay and amazon. And I have never heard of the math curriculum you mentioned, but I do love Saxon. (I taught second grade for a few years.) It builds on itself beautifully and has wonderful manipulatives. That is just my two cents, though! I know there are other great math curriculums out there! I am actually going to check yours out! ;)
    LOVE your blog. :)

  14. I also wondered if you live in Indiana... Or if that's where the farm is located.
    I'm a Hoosier too, and read your blog regularly. :)

  15. I'm a little north in MI but wanted to add that I LOVE Math-u-see. I love the visuals and I love how he introduces algebra without them realizing it. When he explains multiplication using area and a rectangle, he calls the two sides factors. And he has them find the missing number when they do addition. It doesn't take a lot of time for lessons or teacher prep either. But the beauty of homeschooling is if you don't like it, you can switch whenever you want! Have a great trip!

  16. Wow! A lot going on! The hands together is too adorable.

  17. I am an hour from MPLS...but depending on where in MPLS you will be...or where you are traveling through from I MAY be right on your path! Or near enough to make a visit somewhere! Email me details!!! Would love to see those chubby baby hands...oh...and meet you OF COURSE!

  18. As always great pictures and cute too!! That is a fantastic view you have from your car/van mirror. Will be looking forward in seeing your family trip photos. Wish you a safe trip and an enjoyable one too!!

  19. Too bad you aren't traveling in my direction (NW Arkansas)--of course you wouldn't stay long because it is just too darn hot!!! Hope you have a safe journey!!!

  20. those chubby little hands are TOO cute!

    we're going on vacation some of that time....but would love to meet up if it happened to work out! i'll e-mail you! =)

  21. I have first grade Math you See if you are interested!

  22. I have first grade Math you See if you are interested!

  23. Another Hoosier and another avid blog reader. I have 8 year old twins.


  24. How far into ND will be you be going?

  25. I just emailed you...I live in Northern Indiana. Hoping to meet up :)

  26. Hey Brittany

    Not sure if you left yet or if you still have them but I would be interested in the dipes.

    I am at the beach and won't be home until Sunday- are you leaving before then?

    Let me know if you still have them, what you want for them, and if we could meet up since I am just down the road from you.

    Shoot me an email


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