not today

I am not washing my floor
I am not cleaning the toilet
I am not reading blogs
I am not reading email
I am not cleaning the van
I am not sweeping the porch
I am not painting my nails
I am not cleaning out the toy box
I am not washing diapers
I am not paying bills
I am not doing the dishes
I am not making dinner
I am not stressing today

I AM enjoying today.

Tonight Paul, Ozzie and Sadie {the dog} are leaving.
They are driving 16 hours to the family farm.
They need Pauls help planting and we need the work.

For the next three weeks it will just be me,
Eliza & Nolia.

When the boys finish with school the 6 of us will make our own 16 hour trip to the family farm...
for not sure how long?

It's going to be fun!
It's going to be an adventure!
It might be a bit hard!
It is going to be completely new!

Will you come along for the ride? {grin}

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  1. WOW!! Sounds like a lot of work ahead of you both!!

    I wish you the best for those weeks! I am sure they will pass quick!!! And I am glad he will have some work for a while!!!

  2. What an adventure! Can't wait to hear more about your time on the Farm!

    I'm off to get the kids from their beds and go out and enjoy our beautiful weather....Of course they would take long naps on such a nice day.

    Thank goodness for a job where I can play hookie if I want. :)

  3. A 16 hour drive with 5 kids? You are one brave mama!

  4. Definitely sounds like the most logical way to divide and conquer while you guys need to be apart. ;) Here's hoping for safe travels both times and that all goes smooth!!!

  5. It DOES sound like an adventure! However, I'm sure you will miss your sweet Ozzie and husband.

  6. Definitely an adventure! I'm sure you'll miss your hubby and sweet baby boy for those 3 weeks though. I guess that would put another "pro" in the homeschooling'd all be able to go at the same time and you could homeschool the kids there :) Best of luck with the 5 kiddos by yourself...I'll say a prayer :)

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  8. Sounds like a wonderful adventure for the family and a great way to get some they need another family (this one only of 4 not 8) to come along and help as well?

  9. good luck! Have fun! I hope you don't miss your hubby and mr Ozzie too much while they are there without you! I hope you have a GREAT time!

  10. That sounds like a such a fun adventure (after the 3 weeks are up)!

    I'm excited for you guys!

    The boys are going to have so much fun on a farm!

    Long time to be apart, but thank goodness for email, cellphones and texting.

    Can't wait to see pictures of the place you'll be heading to....

  11. Wow, sounds like a blast! Have a safe and fun trip! {even the 3 weeks with 5 kids alone} prayers are coming your way! Can't wait to see all the farm pics!
    love and blessings from ga~erin

  12. Wow! I go a little crazy when the hubs is gone for 4 days! At least you have Grayson and Gavin to help you.

    And I hope you had a good day NOT doing any of those things! : )

  13. OH and Vance to help you too - didn't mean to leave him out! ; )

  14. sounds like fun! :)

    you are the best!

  15. sending you lots of 'smooth sailing' vibes

    keep us updated


  16. Wooooo! Sounds like alot of work but also alot of fun! :)

  17. Wow sounds like a lot of work for all of you. You are on ebrave woman 5 kids alone for 3 weeks. and then a 16 hour drive. Have fun!

  18. SOUNDS like a great go mama! Take the day deserve it! Love on your sweet kiddos and have a blast doing so! Excited to hear about the farm's advenutres!

  19. I was wondering why he only was taking Ozzie but now it makes sense! Wow I bet the boys will love to be on the farm!!

    I would love to join you in this new adventure!

  20. We'll be praying for you and your family! Enjoy the days ahead!

  21. You'll do great, I'm sure! One day at a time, right?


  22. sounds like fun... expect the part where you are apart from your hubby and son for 3 weeks... that will feel like a long time.

  23. Brittany, you amaze me. I practically claw out my eyeballs when Jon's gone for ONE EVENING. 3 weeks??! I should DEFINITELY come over one day. You can teach Mylo how to eat vegetables. ;)

  24. can't wait to hear about the adventure!

  25. That sounds like so much fun! Be safe in your travels! I will "come along".

    Stacy (from Savannah, Ga)

  26. Have a great time!!! Enjoy the time togather =)!! I pray for the road trip and yes would love to come along..I am a farm girl myself =)

  27. Are you kidding me? I wouldn't miss it!!!!

  28. Oh my will have your hands full by yourself. You couldn't chase me away for anything :)

  29. I love road trips - especially with my kids. It's the only way I travel. Enjoy!

  30. wow...I hope you wil have great time :)

  31. Hope you enjoy every second:) Have fun!

  32. You all are going to have a great for me, though!!! :-)

  33. cant wait to read all about the farmcation.

  34. Wow! You rock! Makes me never want to complain again! :)


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