a little game...

A few of you had suggested something and it got me thinking... the suggestion was that I start a weekly bloggie carnival. The idea of coming up with something that OTHER people like yourselves would participate in seemed a bit daunting. I can imagine starting one and being the ONLY one participating. Ha! Then I thought about maybe just hosting for someone if they weren't getting enough participation on theirs... yada yada yada... and then I had an idea...

Since you all are super-duper creative I thought that we could have some fun creating our own weekly gig! Whatcha think!?!

If you {and I know you do} have a idea for a weekly bloggie carnival... leave a comment with your idea {and a little explanation if need-be}. I'll pick the top 10 ideas and then I'll put them in a poll so we can all vote on our favorite... the most votes {obviously} wins!

Then we'll have a fun weekly gig we came up with together!

Now have fun... no fighting over ideas... calling anyone else idea supid... saying Nah-nah-nah-nah-nah {grin}


  1. How about something like manic monday? Maybe a blog about all the things you need to accomplish in the upcoming week or maybe all the places you need to travelfor work, for the holidays, or something similar?

    Just a thought! :) Cant wait to see what it is!

  2. I love love love the manic monday idea. Is it possible to second things? lol It's far too early on a Monday morning to come up with something on my own but will second "They call me Mommy". Have a good day!

  3. What about a recipe exchange? I search other blogs of new and fun recipes all the time (yours included) and it would be neat to have them at my fingertips...

    Just an idea!

  4. I have started a carnival unofficially called Nope! Not my kids! It is much like McMama's Not me Monday, only I "don't tell people what my kids did that week".

    I have a badge on my blog if you would like to check it out! I post this on Fridays.

  5. I don't have any ideas but I like the idea of a recipe exchange type thing.

  6. Photography assignments??? Instead of being told to take a picture of something specific... each week we'll share a new photgraphy tip that we all should incorporate into our photos...A great way to challenge ourselves to try new things in our photography and have fun :)

    Tuesdays tips?? I dont know. Not quite creative enough to think of a good name.

  7. I love the idea of the photography challenge. I am trying to better myself and this would "force" me to do so! HA! ~Melissa

  8. you could play off of the manic monday idea and do TGIF - and talk about what you will do that weekend.

    But I do like the manic monday idea & the recipe exchange.

  9. I like the idea of something related to photography. But maybe something that doesn't involve taking more pictures?? How about finding a picture that we already have? I loved that post you did about finding the certain photo in a certain file etc...and then writing about it.
    Once CF Husband did a post about the Little Things that some people take for granted. Every since I've been slowly putting together a post about the little things that I could easily forget, but don't want to about my kids. For example, I took a picture of their Thomas toothbrushes in the bathroom. Someday they'll be too big for the cute toothbrushes or strawberry toothpaste... It's the little things that we don't even see since we see them every day, but before we know it they'll be gone. Does that make sense? I'll try to pull the post out of the vault during naps today and get it published so you can see what I'm talking about. The point is for me to be able to look at the picture of the Little Things like their little wet footprints on the bathmat, Sam having to sit on his knees to reach the table, or the changing table stocked with cloth diapers and be instantly transported back to that stage of their lives.

    For what it's worth...A day other than Monday or Wednesday would be nice. Mondays are hectic and being on the computer first thing isn't the best way to start my week. I know, I know, show some self control right? Wait until naptime to post... I'm working on that. :)

    I'm always up for a good recipe exchange.
    If that idea doesn't take off here, Lindsay at http://yoderlife.blogspot.com/
    hosts Tasty Tuesday each week.

    I'm looking forward to reading the other suggestions that come in!

  10. i love the idea of something photography related...and to keep it simple maybe limit it to just a couple of photos. what about choosing a random/obscure time (like 11:37am or 3:17pm) and we have to shoot and post what our kids are doing right then or something like that? it could be called "at the moment" or something like that. just a thought...whatever you decide, i'm excited to join in! :) because i love your blog that much! :)

  11. love the obscure time / photography idea. i second that one and would love to join in

  12. I LOOOOOVE the idea of something photography related. Have a topic like "Love" and we could all take a picture of what we think looks like love, or whatever the topic may be. Then we could see all the fun stuff people come up with!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE mama bear's idea. it's everything...sweet, artistically challenging but not time consuming!, makes you laugh and appreciate how cute the kids/your life as a mom is...pick that one, please!

  14. I love the idea about photography or pictures that you already have.. or have a theme type and then everyone post a picture with the same theme....
    PS- keeping your family in my prayers... prayers for your hubby to find a new job!God works in weird ways but He always has your best interest in mind!

  15. We could do a thankful Tuesday kind of thing. http://thejamiefamily.blogspot.com/2008/11/thankful-tuesday.html

    The Jamie family has started one... and it hasn't gotten very far. Just an idea, to keep us in the Holiday spirit year round.

  16. I'm totally with Mama Bear too. Her idea reminds me of the poem Wet Oatmeal Kisses...it's a poem about the change from having kids to when they're all grown up. I remember reading this poem for the first time and having tears in my eyes--I was only like 13 when I read it, but it's a keeper!

    You can find the poem here:

    If the link doesn't work or copy correctly, just go to inspirationalarchive.com and click on the 'Children' heading and then scroll down and click on Wet Oatmeal Kisses.

    I think this concept could apply to any of us; we don't have kids yet, but it'd be fun to capture the memories of how mundane and simple our lives are now--and the same would apply for any other childless couples out there too--capture the memories of life as it is! Of course, for those of you with kids, I'm sure it will be a blast too! Loved Mama Bear's ideas.

  17. I do love the photography idea - thanks MamaBear.

    Here's my thought: You know those word verifications when you leave a comment (your's does not have this option)? They are silly words, made up. Sometimes I type in my comment what my verification word is and makeup a definition (usually something silly).
    I've seen people get really creative with it.
    So maybe word verification Wednesday - something silly to get us through to the weekend?

  18. I love the Manic Monday idea - and it might be nice to have a running to do list on my blog! Haha.

  19. I do love the photography idea, I would do that.

  20. I am willing to try new things:) Just let me know when to start! Praying for you and your family

  21. how about if you showcase an organizational problem and ask others to post solutions?

    school papers?

    I could go on and on... :-)

  22. I love the photography Idea. I saw that done on a blog one time somewhere in the blogosphere. She called it "Your gonna miss this" after the country song. I'd like it to not have a focus on kids though, just life in general; as I dont have any children yet :)

  23. I'm lovin the photography ideas. I would surely participate in those.

  24. ooh, I too love Mama Bear's idea. Things we take for granted...and even those without kids can participate, cuz hey, there are always things we take for granted without realizing it that don't deal with kids (heat, food on our table, working car etc...)
    I really like that one
    Don't Take it For Granted Tuesdays

    Or, something like that :)


  25. I love the idea of a recipe exchange!

    I also like the idea of finding a certain thing about a picture we already have.

  26. I love anything photo related!

  27. I like the recipe exchange as well. I actually did a recipe contest on my blog just to get some new ideas.

    I was also thinking of a fun question of the week like what was your first car? What is your most favorite gift? How did you come up with your name/names for your children? Just a random question every week so that we get to know our blogging friends a little better.

  28. I love the photography idea!!!

  29. How about "Weekend Funnies"? We could post a hilarious photo, or a funny story. I mean, who doesn't need a little comic relief, right? I've been wanting to do it, but I'm too busy...err...lazy to make the button and so forth.

  30. Two ideas that I like - the recipe exchange especially, and the photographic one - although I have a basic camera it would be a good excuse for me to become more adventurous and learn how to use it properly! I will keep my eyes peeled to see what the winning idea will be! :-)

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  32. You could take my Thursday's Treasures...

  33. How about a photo meme titled Who What Where And Why?? That way you have to journal about the photo too!

  34. I have been thinking of an idea with MEMORIES -- I am always telling stories to my children about their grandfather, grandparents, etc... who have passed away and I think it would be nice to keep these stories going ... but a good memory prompt is HELPFUL! There may already be something out there but I have not seen it!

  35. What about Foto Fantastic Food Friday! Share a post of a photo of something you ate that week, or a funky friday food fest...and show pictures of funny restaurants, menus, things you have eaten...

    The other thing I was thinking
    What in the World Wednesday...and take pictures of something, like at an angle close up, whatever and have people guess what it is....

    Lost and Found Thursday...go searching through your files (photo) and post those lost pictures...

    anyway there are some ideas...if i knew how to get some little bling bling stuff i might start some of those :) hahah...anyway some late night ideas....

  36. I have done monday mumblings...just random whatever is on your mind...

    ok enough from me.

  37. The Lost and Found idea is a great name for a photo meme! I love a challenge, but at the same time I think it's great to have a way to participate in a photo meme that doesn't involve setting a shot, uploading the picture, and then writing about it. that's the beauty of wordless wednesday - I ALWAYS pick something that is already on my computer. Much less prep and time away from my kiddos.

    I also like the organization idea. Organization Station - a place to "go" to get ideas for decorating, organizing etc...
    We could either post pictures of an area or at describe it if we didn't have the time to take pictures.
    Who isn't looking for affordable ideas for making life easier and less messy?

    I could really use some help in figuring out what to do with my mess of shoes, coats, hats and mittens in our new house. The milk crates we used all summer don't work with wet winter stuff.

  38. How about a "note to self" type thing where it's short and sweet and usually funny. I just did a post like this (about dressing my 15 month old daughter who's lacking in the hair department in blue) I think I might make it something I do on a more regular basis. Through the week we all have those moments that we go ok "note to self don't..... or do...." I think we'd get some good laughs from all the entries.

    I know I'm a little late on the suggest but it was just a thought.



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