my heart breaks

for this amazing wonderful family... Vanessa delivered 32 week conjoined twins {Madison & Melody} last night, and they only lived for an hour. They knew this was a possibility but there was still hope. Please visit their blog and leave your prayers and encouragement for them... flood them with love, hope and peace. God is STILL an amazing God, and through our tears we see him more clearly. I know these amazing little girls touched so many lives and will continue to touch people for God's glory.


  1. I had just read their story earlier in the week. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

    To God be the glory

  2. God is good, i will be praying

  3. Oh my...(still crying). I went back and read the whole blog...what an amazing family! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the link, I will head over there now. Our Creator has a plan for this lovely family...

  5. I have been reading their blog for a while now; and I (like them) continued to have hope for those sweet baby girls!! Our prayers are definitely with the family as their babies are now in the arms of Jesus!!

  6. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to pray for them. I wouldn't have known about these sweet girls if you hadn't put this link up.

    What a sweet family, and a sorrowful situation...but God is still amazingly good.

  7. Thank you for posting about this family. I have been reading about so many babies that haven't made it, and it's so heartbreaking. I feel the least I can do is pray my heart out for them and their families!

    Your little kiddos are absolutely adorable! (BTW I hopped over from Desperately Seeking Shelly!)


  8. {{Hugs}}
    There is a site:

    a small token of compassion for mom's who have experienced this kind of loss- they write the names of the babies in the sand as a {small} tribute.

    Wanted to just pop in and say 'hi' but just so touched by this story.

  9. Oh their faith is heart rendering


Thank you for blessing me with your words!