I'm one of those mom's that lets her kids skip school everyonce in a while... they WILL use all of their allowed 'sick' days plus a few sometimes. They aren't really sick days... they are 'well days' or "family day off" as we call them. We are all so rushed... to get somewhere, do something, buy something, eat something, and just be rushed. It's a daily struggle to remember to SLOW DOWN. The world won't fall apart, you won't fall behind & you aren't being lazy if you just take a few moments to enjoy this beautiful life God has given us. I cringe at the thought that my children are already being pushed into the daily grind by school and sports and cub scouts and everything else that seems to pile up.

so... I LOVE to play hookie. Especially on a beautiful day.

We started the day with lazy breakfast and then wondered outside to soak up the sun and enjoy all the new buds of green around us. We even ended the day with a bike ride around our downtown neighborhood and a stop at our little ice cream shop on the corner.

I hope that I can teach my children the importance of slowing down and enjoying the everyday beauty around us. Because as we all know... when we don't slow down on our own God has a way of doing it for us. *grin*


  1. Daniel and I talked about this idea of playing hookie way before we even had kids. I think it is a fantastic idea - some may not agree and that's ok! I can't wait for those special days of no school!n Life should be LIVED!

    Glad you all had a nice day!


  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only parent that allows these days!! Even though my children are teens, and their classes are rigorous at best, I still believe they just need a little time out every now and then. I really think these will be some of the moments that they will treasure the most years down the road...that mom and dad stayed home with them and we all played hookie! Plus, I think it cuts down on the rebellious hookie scenarios!! LOL!

    Glad you guys had a great day!!

  3. Sounds like a great day! What a fun idea...I'll definitely have to "tuck" that one away for future reference! I'm all about playing hookie!!

    Hope you're doing well! You're belly looks awesome! I'm so glad you're feeling some movement, that's the best.

  4. Funny, I just posted this same thing last night. We played hooky yesterday. I am all about skirting the rules. Funny that I don't like my kids doing that though. Oh well. I needed the family time after the week we had. Blessings.

  5. As long as her grades are kept up, we don't the occasional hooky day either :)in fact we have a planned one for Monday! We're going to my parents Sunday night and just staying over night:)

  6. Exactly! Glad you had a fun, lazy, sunny day to really enjoy life!

    And it's funny because yesterday was a "hookie" day for us also!
    And we enjoyed some sunover here too...ahhhh...that was nice!

    Take care,

  7. Good for you! I think that is a fabulous idea! :)

  8. We do the same thing!!!! You would be shocked at the "looks" we get from other parents over this. I've learned to not say anything. I do have to say though, the looks make me laugh. Anyone THAT serious about school & sports & various events needs to stop and smell the roses WAY more than I do - yet they never will. We took the kids out of school in December (before Christmas break) for over a week & never thought twice about it. Disney World with grandma and grandpa was WAY more fun than we would have ever had staying home. When our kids are 27, they will appreciate all of our efforts, B. You're a great mama! :)

  9. We do this too, we call them Mental Health Days. We usually just have one Mental Health Day recipient (not all 3 home on the same day) then he can spend special time with Mom and maybe even meet up with Dad for lunch.

    Carter took one in February, and missed two days the following week being sick. Oops.

  10. I personally think this is a GREAT thing to do for and with your children, even though I am sure it is not the most popular idea with traditional society! I am so turned off, too, by the whole 'rushing around' routine, once children become school aged. We are considering home-schooling for many reasons for our boys....one of them being to avoid all that!

    Glad you all had fun, and glad I am not the only one who feels this way!

  11. We always use up all of our days too. In fact by the end of the school year I usually get "the letter" from school saying that we are at the limit.

    I believe in learning from life.

  12. I Love, Love, Love this! We too are all for calling in "well" from time to time!

  13. And the first grade teacher in me says...


    Good for you.

    I do the same with my own boys. The older they get, they less they enjoy missing school because they hate to do the make-up work.

  14. My mom did the same thing with my siblings and I. We always had a great family day. In fact those are some of my fondest memories of times with my mom.

  15. You always were the one to play hookie...


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