Didn't I tell you...

it was a 2 week vacation?!? One week away... one week home. *grin* Apparently being 'unplugged' is somewhat addicting once you start. It's been a nice break from blog land but I AM ready to come back. Is anyone still here!?! Ha!

So..... get ready for some posts.... here they come!

***oh and I MUST mention... so I don't look like a hypocrite... my son DOES have orange juice but only a small amount and only for the purpose of adding liquid minerals. It tastes ewwwww alone***
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  1. What's wrong with orange juice? Hmmm...I LOVE,LOVE,LOVE orange juice! Anyway, cute pictures...as always. ;)

  2. Nothing really WRONG with orange juice. I just make it a point to not give my children juice or at least not very often. I would much rather them have an orange and a glass of water. :)

  3. Yeah, no computer is addicting! I haven't blogged in over a week, either...Wonder what will happen when we move the office downstairs like your is?

  4. 14 posts!!! lol nice work and great photos! :)

    Yes, we WILL get together! Lemme know what works! :)


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