We already miss him...

I think I already mentioned but Uncle Nick left 2 weeks ago for boot camp for the Air Force reserves. Oh how we miss him so. It's so hard to accept the fact that my little brother is grown up... It's as if they were always supossed to stay young... I can grow up but not them! Ha! Well that didn't work. I know he'll be a different man when he comes back at Christmas... a bigger better man i'm sure. Didn't we all learn something huge on our first out on our own experience?! I really really hope that they're being nice to him... I can be wishful right? Boy and I in trouble... what am I going to do when MY boys are leaving home. OY!

So... pictures... yeah.... Nick's original flight was delayed which meant he would miss his connecting flight so he moved to another flight on a different airline but it was getting ready to leave so he had to run and we didn't get say goodbye like I had imagined. I didn't even get a picture of him hugging mom and dad. I guess there are images in our head.

We love and miss you Uncle Nick!!!!

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