The grandboys...

Oh I'm missing the boys so much... I just don't know what to do with myself when they aren't here. Auntie Karen bought the Grayson, Vance, Gavin & cousin Cole (her son) matching shirts. I guess they all wore them to church yesterday. Aren't they cute! Makes me miss them even more. AND if you notice Vance... he got a SHORT haircut. NO I didn't take him, Paul's parents took him. I don't know what to think... it's just not Vance. He's the only one of the boys that looked good in long hair and I LOVED his hair. I guess we won't need to get his haircut for another 3 years. Ha!

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  1. Brit...I like V's hair short! He looks so adorable. I bet seeing it was a shock for you though. :)

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